What exactly is Fanit?

Fanit is a Game.

Let's face it, you love music, and it's always fun to promote your favorite songs and artists. It's even more fun to tell someone about music that they've never heard of, and to be a pioneer of your own style and likes. Fanit goes bigger than just saying you're a fan, it takes being a True Fan before your #nowplaying or rants about what you love actually mean something.

Fans don't die.

Fan's come and go; true fans last forever, even sometimes after the music is long gone from the public eye. We wanted to build a way for you to immortalize your love for the music, be the first to claim your tastes, and give you the tools to prove it to the world. Once you Prove it, you're in the company of True Fans.

Ok, so how does it work?

Sign Up.

Well, first you need a quick account on fanit.com. Don't worry, it's not another bloated registration form where we ask for your next-of-kin, rights to your car, or your half-sister's hand in marriage. You can login to Fanit with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Windows Live ID, Yahoo!, MySpace, OpenID, Flickr, MyOpenID, LinkedIN, AOL, or Hyves. Yea, seriously, it's that easy.


On any page at Fanit.com, you'll see a lovely search box, which is your gateway to all the music we have to date (almost 200K songs - and growing every hour). Type in your favorite artist's name, song, or mashup, and find your favorites.


Once you find something you like, tell the world and claim your spot in line. It's pretty easy, we promise.


Just saying you like something isn't enough. Show the world, yourself, your friends, and the artists how much they really mean to you.


Chances are you love different kinds of music. We're continually refining Fanit to not only help you discover music you may have not known about before, but to also show your love for the music that sets you apart from the rest.

Sounds good, what's the catch?

It's a race.

Don't you want to beat the crowd, be in before it gets trendy and on the radio every 5 minutes? We thought so.

It's all about your following.

If a song is played in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Probably, but what's the point? Tell your friends about the music you love and let them help build your swarm of loyal fanatics. Everything is more fun when there are lots of people involved.

Your Fanned Tracks expire.

It's all about being the true fan that you are. Just mentioning that you love Jay-Z isn't enough, donate directly to him through Fanit, promote him, and get someone else to be a fan as well; checkin at one of his concerts, and show him you mean it. After 60 days, if you don't achieve True Fan status, it starts all over again. Be the True Fan you say you are.

Unlock all kinds of goodness.

Just saying you like something isn't enough. Show the world, yourself, your friends, and the artists how much they really mean to you.